Electronics & Comm Engg.

Electronics engineering distinguishes itself from other technical trades by the constant redefinition of its sphere of influence. This branch of engineering help us to see, hear and communicate over vast distances, supervise production and manufacturing processes and oversee installation and maintenance of computers, peripherals and components. We work with equipments that use extremely small amounts of power. The role of the electronics engineer is pivotal in realms ranging from the toy industry to consumer electronics, from household articles to space/satellite communication. Our course includes theory, design, fabrication, production, testing and manufacture of complex products and systems. We realize the requirements of equipments and components for major industries, including the medical, automotive, robotic, computer and networking sectors. Further, the design of data processing systems for communication, including the defence requirements falls under our preview. The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering offers a vibrant environment for graduate & postgraduate education and research in Electronics & Communication Engineering.