Dr. Gurpreet Singh

Director, PIT, Rajpura

From the desk of Director

PITR is located on a beautiful campus, at the heart of the city. The institution ensures to provide education in a peaceful environment. The institute is equipped with modern tools in all the classes, labs & library, providing state-of the-art facilities and complete care is taken to fulfil the desire of each student to learn and excel in modern world.

We at PITR strongly feel that, the future of India is shaped in class rooms and I am sure you will appreciate the role of the teacher as the pivotal point in shaping the future of our country in general and student community in particular. Since, an institution is judged by the quality of the citizens it produces, we are of the opinion that the education we offer should develop competent, talented personalities equipped with knowledge, skills and confidence. The Management, faculty and staff of PITR are fully aware of our responsibilities in Life-building and character making of the student community. Grounded in our commitment to education innovation and interdisciplinary studies, we offer our students a rich educational experience, an experience that marries intellectual rigor and cross-disciplinary breadth and student-centred environment. Through innovative curriculum, a teamwork approach, and leadership-building experiences we offer our students vital communication and critical-thinking skills which are very important in today’s progressive economy.